Episode 18: Holiday Burn-Out

It’s the time of year when so many of us bring down decorations from the attic to make our homes festive. And, if you’re like Keith and Mollie, you discover every year that, while we’re all enjoying our summer vacations, those oh-so-pretty lighted decorations tend to give up the ghost of Christmas past. On this episode, Keith and Mollie deck the halls in a little different way. Check it out to learn some fun ideas for things you can do with Christmas Lights that don’t light any more. Learn about Keith’s adventures with the Light Keeper Pro that might help you get a little more life out of those strings of lights. If that doesn’t work, Mollie has some great ways to reuse them. And if all else fails, our friends at Protec Recycling can help you keep them out of the landfill. So, instead of staying up worrying about your broken Christmas lights instead of going to sleep to wait for Santa, give our show a listen. If the ideas don’t help put you to sleep, then maybe the episode will. And, as always, we’d love to hear your ideas. Send us your ways to repurpose Christmas lights by commenting below or by using our contact form.

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