About the Show

If you’re wondering what this podcast is about (spoiler alert: lots about recycling and virtually nothing about cities in Italy) or who on earth Keith and Mollie are, keep reading. We can’t promise this page will make you smarter, inspire you, or help your hydrangeas grow bigger. But hey, we wrote it, and that’s got to be worth something.

Who are we?

Meet Mollie, a former NASA astronaut who recently simultaneously headed up a movement to save the Amazon rainforest while scaling Mount Everest. Or was it Pikes Peak? And her podcasting sidekick, Keith, a former 1980s rock star with a pile of Grammys who also has an illustrious career building supercomputers out of spare parts in his garage.

Actually, it’s more like this. Mollie knows a lot about recycling. A lot! She plays a major role in several recycling efforts in Birmingham, Alabama including Precious Plastics and the Homewood Environmental Commission. Keith? Well, he’s really good at asking questions, most of which Mollie knows the answer to. Hey, somebody has to ask the questions, right?

Why a podcast?

It all started when Mollie totally overwhelmed Keith and a bunch of other people with recycling information. And when we say totally overwhelmed… You get the point. Mollie is Keith’s (and many other people’s) go-to person with question that start with “how can I get rid of…” Mollie and Keith attend church together, and after having Mollie jam pack a Sunday school hour with recycling tips and advice… not just once… but twice… Keith suggested a recycling podcast. Mollie was all for it! The rest, as they say, is recycling. Wait, that’s not what they say.

I have a question/comment/suggestion/criticism/joke as bad as the ones Keith tells

This podcast is all about you, the listener. Okay, it’s actually about recycling, not you. I mean, what kind of ego do you have to think it’s all about you? Come on! Now, what was I saying?

Oh, yes. We want to make this podcast all about the things you want to hear. We want to help you learn about recycling, and you can probably teach us a thing or three about it, too. We want to amke sure it’s full of fresh, interesting, up-to-date information, and not just… recycled content. (We had to say it.) Got something to share? Just click on that Contact Us link, and drop us a line. We promise, we will read it. And who knows, you might even get embarrassed in front of thousands of listeners on our next episode. No, sorry, that wasn’t nice. We won’t embarrass you, but we might share your question or comment. This could be the fifteen minutes of fame you’ve been waiting for.