Episode 19: What’s in Your Bin?

It’s a constant dilemma: what can you put in that curbside bin? Better yet, what are your family members putting in that curbside bin when you aren’t watching? Maybe you don’t pace the floor worrying about it, but it’s still often a puzzler. On this episode, Keith and Mollie finish up 2021 by looking ahead to 2022. They’re joined by their city council person, Jennifer Andress, to learn what’s in the works for recycling in Homewood in the future. If you live in Homewood, learn what you you might be able to put in that bin once new plans are put into action, and if you live elsewhere, this might give you some ideas to take to your own city council. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. If your city is doing something innovative with recycling, leave us a comment below or use our contact page.

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