Episode 17: No Tricks, Just Treats

It’s fall! Time for fall decorating, carving that pumpkin, and maybe even dressing up in a costume for some Halloween fun. But how do you do that while being good to the environment? And we’re not just talking about why you shouldn’t TP your neighbor’s house this year. On this episode, Keith and Mollie jump into having a green Halloween. Listen for ideas on decorating, dressing up, and even what to do with all of those candy wrappers. If your decorations have worn out, get some ideas on how to repurpose them, or send broken lights or electronic decorations to Protec. Learn about H&M’s used garment recycling and their global sustainability efforts. And after it’s all done, why not compost those pumpkins? We don’t need to trick you into lessoning. Once you’re done, if you’ve got your own Halloween recycling ideas, comment below or drop us a note.

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