Episode 16: A Big Pane in the Glass

If you’re like Keith and Mollie, which you must be at least a little if you follow this podcast, you’re always looking for alternatives to throwing things in the garbage. Let’s face it, though: some things are really hard to get rid of or reuse while still being good to the environment. One of those things which is getting increasingly more difficult to recycle is glass. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones whose curbside recycling program still takes it, or maybe you’ve got a growing pile of glass in your house waiting for a way to get rid of it. Today, Keith and Mollie are joined by the founder of Kinetic Recycling, a company that tried to fill this gap for environmentally-minded home owners after the local city recycling program stopped taking glass. Give it a listen to learn about the adventure of this small business and to think a little more about what happens to some of that recyclable stuff after it leaves your home. Spoiler alert: the recycling fairy isn’t involved. We’d love to hear your thoughts, too, on getting rid of some of the more hard-to-recycle products we find in our homes. So, after you listen, why not leave a comment below or send a note to Keith and Mollie from our contact form? We’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts.

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