Episode 22: Don’t be a Turkey to the Environment

Today, Keith and Mollie talk turkey. They also dabble in sweet potatoes, dressing, vegetables, and even come back for pie. Yes, as we all get ready to pause and be thankful with a big meal, today’s episode is about pausing and thinking about all the garbage that’s generated in the process. But don’t panic! Before you cancel the whole meal, this episode is filled with the ingredients for ideas to make your Thanksgiving holiday one that the environment can be thankful for, too. If your groceries are packaged in #5 plastics, learn ways to recycle them with Community on the Rise or by taking your recycling to Target. And if you’re picking up a pre-cooked meal, learn about some of the options from The Fresh Market and Whole Foods that will fill your stomach with good food while not filling your garbage with single-use plastics. Also learn about the great commitment to environmental stewardship from Whole Foods. Try an idea or two, or come back for thirds. And after you listen, we’d love if you’d use the comments section to share your own environmentally friendly Thanksgiving ideas.

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