Episode 21: Class Act Recycling

Join Keith and Mollie on today’s episode when they head back to school! No, they aren’t going to start a Ph.D. program in astrophysics. That’s next week. Today, they’re joined by returning guest George to talk about recycling at the middle school. It’s tough to be a middle schooler, and even tougher to be one who realizes that the way he treats the world now will impact the world he lives in when he’s an adult. Even if you aren’t a middle schooler, you might learn a few ideas from George today to live more environmentally friendly. And if you’re struggling with that, maybe follow Mollie’s lead and give a few gifts through Heifer International. And if you’ve got some great ideas of small things that you do to be more environmentally friendly, we want to hear about them. Please use the comment form below to let us know about them.

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