Episode 24: Roses are Red, Recycling is Green

It’s almost Valentine’s Day once again. But as Cupid aims his arrow and we prepare to give flowers, chocolate, cards, and food to our Valentines, what about taking a minute to think about the environment? That’s exactly what Keith and Mollie are up to on this episode. Whether you’re still looking for the perfect gift idea for your Valentine, or you just want to love the earth a little more, this episode’s got something for you. Keep those candy wrappers out of the trash with a candy wrapper recycling box from our friends at Terracycle. And before you buy that candy, make sure it’s from a company that’s kind to the planet as well as to it’s workers like something from Equal Exchange, or buy locally here in Birmingham from Chocolata. And after you’ve bought or made a card, pay back that paper supply with garden seedlings from Heifer International. Got some more creative, earth-friendly ways to celebrate your Valentine? Post a comment below. The earth will thank you for your good choices, and your Valentine probably will, too!

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