Episode 23: Give Sustainability the Old College Try

Here at Rome Was Not Recycled in a Day, we know that sometimes living your life in a way that’s good to the environment can be a little overwhelming. Next time you get overwhelmed, though, stop and be thankful that you’re not in charge of sustainability for an organization of 70,000 people. That’s exactly what today’s episode is about. Keith and Mollie talk with Meredith Moore from the University of Illinois where she coordinates sustainability programs and helps to educate the students, faculty, and staff on how to take good care of our planet. Learn about some of what she does and how you can translate some of her programs to your own personal habits. And if you find yourself wanting more after listening to this interview like we did, make sure to check out the Illinois Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment web site for more amazing ideas. We hope you’re as inspired by Meredith’s work as we were. And after you listen, make sure to share your great ideas with us by leaving a comment below.

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